About Us


Established in 1980 by Lazzarino’s family initiative, Basso SpA has quickly stated as a reference point for the realization and maintenance of the electrical lines LV, MV and HV, cableways, telephone and radiotelephone systems, rails, wind power plants, photovoltaics, specializing in works at high quote where it
has gained many qualifications and certifications. During the years Basso SpA has developed an evolutionary process of growth without ever neglecting guiding principles laid down by founder where the human resources of efficiency and effectiveness always characterized the company, attentive to the needs of the users, at the leading edge of technology, tenacious in the continuing education of the staff and scrupulous in constantly monitor the high level of quality of the services offered. The company today has a considerable fleet composed of equipment highly productive managed by a workforce of over 100 people between employees, technicians, and skilled operators.


Basso SpA and Foi&Vitali through their own technical staff offer to their own customers the construction service of turnkey system. Experience, professionalism, and innovation are the pillars for the realization of the art facilities. Solutions to the optimization of investment and security. The leadership of Basso SpA is organized according to protocols and criteria established in the production of works for the electrical sector, renewable sources, cableway, and building works that allow it to compare with large structures in the European market. There are many national and international projects, developed and followed by our technicians whose professionalism and competence are are guaranteed by training and update programs.