Renewable energies

Wind power plants

They use the energy of the wind by large propellers; can be installed in the locality in which the winds blowing with constancy, to have profitability, without unexpected points, to avoid damage. A wind power plant consists of one or more wind turbines (windmills) that transform the kinetic energy of wind into electrical energy. Our company deals with the execution and the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance “turnkey”.

Photovoltaic systems

They produce energy through the direct con- version made from photovoltaic cells of energy from light to electricity; power is restricted by the sunstroke; they are excellent for powering small plants that are difficult to reach, such as small headlights, light buoys, etc. The main compo- nents of a photovoltaic system on the island are generally:

  • Photovoltaic field, member to collect energy by photovoltaic modules suitably arranged in favor of the sun;
  • Charge regulator, member to stabilize the energy collection and to manage it within the system;
  • Battery of accumulation, consisting of one or more rechargeable batteries suitably con- nected (series/parallel) MEP/and to keep the electric charge provided by the modules in the presence of sufficient solar radiation to allow a use deferred by the electrical equip- ment users;
  • Inverter otherwise said DC/AC converter, member to convert the DC output voltage from the panel (usually 12 or 24 volts) in an alternating voltage (AC) most high (usually 110 or 230 volts for plants up to a few kW, 400 volt for plants with powers over 5 kW).